Five reasons to consider getting involved in the senate

If elected you’d be a voting member of the NAITSA Senate, which is the “governing body” for a multi-million dollar organization. No matter what career path you choose, being a board member is valuable experience. Aside from the first-hand knowledge of how meetings are conducted, participation on the Senate will promote skills such as accountability, decision-making, communication, teamwork and more. Elected Senators also approve NAITSA’s annual budget and bylaws.
If elected you’d be a board member for every student at NAIT. As a member of the Senate, you’ll have the opportunity to be a leader by listening to the needs of students and working with other board members to address them.
Every institution has room for improvement. If elected you will be a key person NAIT wants to hear from, to get the students’ perspective. NAIT wants to know what students think and they will come to the Senate to find out.
You’ll find that you automatically have your ear to the ground and that will help you make the most of your NAIT experience.
It’s a safe bet that you want a good job when you leave NAIT. Most students don’t realize how employers make hiring decisions. Here’s a hint: Two NAIT grads… same diploma… same grades… but one was a “Senate board member” for the School of Business. Guess which one gets the first call for an interview. And your Senate position will appear on your co-curricular transcripts.

 the responsibilities of a senate board member





For a complete list of your duties, download a copy of the NAITSA Bylaws.

so if i am interested, how do i get elected?

1. get nominated
You only need ten students from your Electorial Zone to nominate you. If you decide to be a candidate, email Leeanne Mills for direction on collecting signatures for nomination.
2. submit the form

The deadline is Monday, September 28, 2020 at 4:00pm to Leeanne Mills, Administration Director, NAIT Students’ Association at

3. start campaigning

It’s easier to get votes than you think. Campaigning starts as soon as your completed nomination form is accepted by NAITSA. A good way to start is by telling your own classmates that you’re running for Senate and remind them to vote online October 8-14, 2020. Get prior approval from instructors to speak to your class.

4. Talk to students

There are no speeches or debates but you can make approved posters and campaign materials. Just get out there and talk to other NAIT students about issues that concern them.

 Information and Nomination Package

Please fill in the form below to download the nomination package and bylaws