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Paul Hingley

Zone 4

Hello fellow NAIT students,

My name is Paul Hingley, and I am in my second year of the Construction Engineering Technology program. Previously to coming to NAIT, I had worked for 10+ years in hospitality management. I am running for a Senate Position in the upcoming election.

Senate is the “governing body” for NAIT Student Association (NAITSA). Members of the Senate approve NAITSA bylaws, voice student concerns to the Executive Council and approve the Annual NAITSA Budget that comes from those mandatory fees you pay with tuition. I am currently the VP of Finance for the Construction Engineering Technology Student Club this year.

Throughout my time at NAIT, I have seen countless events offered to enhance your experience at NAIT, Unique and memorable opportunities to try new things or connect with people or get involved. NAITSA is a part of a lot of these experiences. I would ensure that NAITSA always puts NAIT students first and spends your money enhancing OUR NAIT Experience. I would be honoured to be your voice in the Senate this year.

Thank you.

If you see me on campus, introduce yourself; I would love to connect!

VOTE Paul Hingley for Senate! Oct 7th-Oct 13Th