Philina Francia – Senate Member Candidate

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Philina Francia

Zone 4

My way of life has been all about service. For me, service is all about helping people and creating amazing memories. It is a way of life for me, and its effects inspire me to be better every day. Through leadership, responsibility, and passion, I can help the community achieve its goal of having great experiences and opportunities that will promote individual confidence. In the Philippines, I handled a professional organization, headed a committee in events, became a manager in my career, and volunteered my time for service in my church and social action ministries. I enjoy talking to people, doing projects for improvement, and creating opportunities to build networks and relationships. Exposure to these roles inspired me to run as a senate member here at NAIT. As a senate member, expect me to be a responsible, enthusiastic, and selfless student leader. Whatever I can do for the student body, I will do it with honesty, integrity, and kindness because I know everyone deserves that kind of service. I came from the hospitality industry and am now leveling up to learn about finance, so I believe I am adaptable and ready to take on any challenge and find solutions.