Executive Council Election 2020/21
Official Results


VP Academic

VP External

VP Student Services

How will they represent?

To learn more about each role, students are encouraged to book an appointment
with any of the current Executive Council members.


Official spokesperson for the student body

The President acts as the primary spokesperson for NAITSA, chairs executive council meetings, supervises the Executive Director on behalf of Executive Council, and acts as liaison to NAIT administration, NAIT alumni, student members of the NAIT Board of Governors and various campus student groups. The President must show strong leadership skills as they support the other members of Executive Council and the Executive Director.

Current President:

Karen Velasco | sapresident@nait.ca | 780-471-7608

VP External

Represents student interests throughout campus, city, and province

The Vice President External focuses primarily on external relations and advocacy. They advocate on students’ behalf to various external bodies such as NAIT administration, local municipalities and the Federal and Provincial governments. The Vice President External meets with administrators, MLAs and MPs on issues such as tuition and fees, financial aid, transit service and many others. They sit on various committees and travel to attend conferences within the province and across the country.

Current VP External:

Aleksandra Jaruga  | savpexternal@nait.ca | 780-471-7609

VP Student Services

Fosters Campus Life at NAIT

The Vice President Student Services works to provide essential services to students and enhance the student experience at NAIT. This position works in collaboration with the NAITSA Campus Life department. They work with the Campus Activities Board (CAB) and the events team to develop the NAITSA events calendar for the year. This position also acts as liaison to NAIT’s Student Life department. It is the responsibility of the Vice President Student Services to chair CAB meetings, and to collaborate with department leaders, attend events, and participate in Clubs retreat.

Current VP Student Services:

Alexis Flinkert  | savpstudentservices@nait.ca | 780-471-8883