Andrew Harder-Tessier – Senate Member Candidate

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Andrew Harder-Tessier

Zone 4

Hi there! My name is Andrew, the plaid guy, and I’m running as a representative of the CAT building.

I’m a student in the entrepreneurship and Innovation program. Along with wearing plaid all year, watching anime and playing video games, one of the things I like to do most is taking on new challenges. over the past few years, this has meant working on a startup, running a painting business, and working on last year’s Student Senate. For me, It’s experiences like these, where I get to meet so many awesome people and do things I never dreamed of, that make life worth living. That is why my goals for this year are to start a general NAIT study club and increase accountability in the student senate. To increase accountability, my pledge is that I will make sure your questions, comments, concerns, and ideas are addressed by your student government as soon as possible. To meet this promise, I will ensure that through my email: to respond to your messages within 3 days (72 hours) of receiving them. If you want to see commitment like this promoted in your student senate, then vote for Andrew Harder-Tessier!