Jaryd Taylor


My name is Jaryd, and I’m running for seat on the Engineering Tech., Academic Upgrading & Open Studies program group, possibly as the only candidate.

This is understandable, following a campaign last year by NAITSA to suppress this program’s voice in the Senate through bureaucratic posturing.

As the second largest program group on campus, it’s important that students utilize as many fronts as possible to influence the student-body politic – NAITSA. This year, if you vote yes, I plan on upgrading the student experience at NAIT.

My goals follow:
I. Tuition Fee Elimination: This last cycle, the provincial government raised your tuition by ≈$200 without a peep from NAITSA. International Student Tuition has gone up excessively. NAITSA has allowed this unacceptable attack to occur without a word. However, it’s feasible to prevent tuition raises, and provably so with Germany eliminating post-secondary tuition costs not only for domestic students, but also for international students. Look it up.
II. Campus life Improvement: Arguably, the current study spaces at NAIT are inadequate. I would push for funding comfier couches and more student study spaces. It’s hard enough to find a quiet spot on campus as it is.

Find me at Spartan (Y) 24/7.