Executive Council Candidate

Emi Oke

EC Candidate for VP Academic

Hello my fellow NAIT student,

My name is Emi Oke, I would love to be the Vice President Academic of NAITSA Executive Council. I am currently in the year three of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Major in Finance. Prior to gaining admission to NAIT last year, I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and also a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with years of work experience in Treasury Management of a bank. I am currently a member of Investment Club of NAIT (ICON).

As someone that has been in academics environment for a while and having passed through different challenges in my academics pursuit. The role will enable me to bring the valuable experiences I have already gained in my previous studies and time at NAIT to overall benefit of all students.

The primary goal of every student is to excel in their academic’s pursuit, my objective is to ensure students achieve this goal and equally get the best experience out of their education. I will adequately represent your interest in all matters as it pertains to your academic related grievances and be a resource for students on issues involving academic rights, regulations and policies.

One of my biggest goal would be to advocate for more cordial relationship between students and instructors and ensure that course deliverables with allocated grades are well spelt out at the beginning of the semester. Also ensure students get feedback in a constructive manner so as to improve students learning.

In the situation of conflict, I would act as an advocate by mediating and directing students to resources within the NAIT community and help student understand NAIT’s policies and procedures as it applies to them, by providing guidance and advice.

I will use academics projects and events to bond the students across departments to establish cordial relations and friendships.

I will give myself to speaking and representing your view politely and constructively to the NAIT Academic council and provide a useful feedback to you.

I will operate an open door policy where students will be free to make their opinions known. However, we sometimes need advice, support and enabling environment where personal problems and issues could be handled in the most discreet and confidential manner. My support in these regards is guaranteed to all students.

I am passionate about NAIT and it would be great honour and privilege to serve as your Vice President Academics in the year ahead.

Vote Emi for your Voice, Vote Emi for VP Academic.