Are you ready to act on behalf of your fellow students? Do you have the talent, hard work and perseverance that it takes?

Be a part of something bigger than yourself by running for NAITSA Executive Council. There are four executive positions in 2023/24 that will provide new and unique learning opportunities.

  • PRESIDENT: Official spokesperson for the student body.
  • VP ACADEMIC: Helps with any questions and issues regarding studies at NAIT.
  • VP EXTERNAL: Represents student interests throughout campus, city, and province.
  • VP INTERNAL: Fosters campus life at NAIT.

If elected, you will:

  • Become the voice of the NAIT student body.
  • Receive salary, benefits, and have your tuition paid (at the domestic rate) by NAITSA
  • Have the opportunity for professional development, retreats and networking.
  • Develop your leadership, negotiation, and other soft skills that will help you in your future career


Interested in Student Government?

Five reasons to consider getting involved in Student Government at nait


Becoming an elected student leader, a member of NAITSA’s Executive Council, comes with a tremendous amount of responsibility to lead and serve. It also provides opportunities to gain invaluable career experience in communication, problem solving, negotiation, teamwork, time management, and leadership.


Representation will require you to meet and work with NAITSA staff, school administrators, business owners, politicians, multiple levels of government and successful community leaders. Student leadership is an opportunity to build a respected public profile while serving the students of NAIT.


You came to NAIT to get a hands-on education. Think of this 12-month commitment as the ultimate learning incubator, a sabbatical to accelerate your education, and a chance
to master skills that you don’t get in an entry-level job. Since 1963, NAITSA Executives consistently confirm at the end of their term that their learning curve was steep, but it was knowledge they could not have acquired in the classroom.


If elected you will be a key person providing student perspective to officials at NAIT, giving back to your alma mater in a way very few students get the opportunity to do. It’s rewarding work ensuring your fellow students are successful in a healthy and fun campus environment.


The secret challenge of post-secondary education is to grow as a person, to develop into a better version of yourself when you graduate. Only four NAIT students every year get to test themselves as a member of Executive Council. Those who do, if they commit to developing as a person and a leader, get one of the best student experiences available anywhere. They develop personal and career skills that can last a lifetime.

Responsibilities of a NAITSA Executive Member

For a complete list of the duties and responsibilities refer to the NAITSA Bylaws (Sections 5 and 7) but for quick reference here is a short list of things you should expect:


You will report to the student Senate on the performance of duties specific to your role and on the progress of goals you set out to accomplish during your term.


Good leaders communicate well and continue to improve their skills. You will participate in and/or chair committees, discuss issues and solve problems with a variety of people, keep your team informed on situations and information relevant to NAITSA, and keep in touch with the students you represent.


From the moment you take office you will become known as a NAITSA Executive, and you will represent not only the student body but also the Students’ Association and NAIT. To fulfill the responsibility of leadership it is critical to understand how your actions, good or bad, reflect on all of the NAIT community.


Students will look to you and the other Executives to do good things for them, whether it’s advocating for more study space or just giving them directions in the hallway. A key responsibility is looking out for the health and well being of the students you are elected to serve.

Know a nait student who’d be a great NAITSA Executive Council Member?

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