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Jenna Luczak


Hello Ooks, my name is Jenna Luczak and I am excited to be campaigning for my second term as VP External. Having served in this role for the past year, I am eager to continue representing your interests and contributing to the growth and success of our NAIT community. As a 2019 alumna now pursuing a career in accounting, I recognize the diversity of the student body and how our life experiences shape our academic journey. I hope you vote for me as your returning VP External as I have dedicated the whole year to advocating for the student body and I don’t intend to slow down.

The role of VP External is a broad spectrum as it deals with advocating to different levels of government, handles satellite campus concerns, and deals with external bodies like NAIT, Apprenticeship & Industry Training (AIT), and the Alberta Students’ Executive Council (ASEC) to name a few. Although much of my role pertains to advocating, the second priority is maintaining the relationships I have built within this spectrum to help NAITSA reach its goals.

My current goals for VP External have been supporting satellite campuses and advocating for MNIF legislation changes, which I have been successfully monitoring as follows:

– Increased the amount of NAITSA support on satellite campuses by bringing the NAIT Nugget to the three satellites, brought the Souch student lounge back to life by calling for more furniture and a more engaging layout, helped Patricia campus gain access to their previously locked study room, and engaged with the students at Spruce Grove by actively listening to their concerns about the course delivery.

– Bring awareness to Mandatory Non-Instructional Fees (MNIFs), and how the gaps in legislation enable institutions to increase fees without a student associations’ complete approval. NAITSA is a member of ASEC, a provincial advocacy organization of which I sat on the board of directors, and we adopted the MNIF goal as an ASEC official goal.

The VP External position requires an individual with patience, persistence, and curiosity as the goals for the VP External position are long-term commitments and require a constant push to ensure they come to fruition. My promise to the NAIT student body is to keep a steady hand on the goals that I set during my 2023/24 term, while also:

– Monitoring the safety concerns regarding the new LRT station and NAIT campus.

– Listening to the student body, and ratifying their concerns.

– Staying flexible and supporting my fellow Executive Council members where necessary.

The first few months of Executive Council are a learning curve, so re-electing me ensures efficiency and commitment for the year. Vote for Jenna Luczak and remember, Luczak has your back.