Executive Council Candidate

Christina Fisher

EC Candidate for VP Student Services


My name is Christina Fisher. Originally, I had come to NAIT to upgrade in order to change careers.

Like many others who can relate to this as well, the economy proved to be at the root of my decision; everyone seemed to be aiming for the same job my occupation. I decided to aim for something that aligned closer to my interests for once. My plan was to upgrade. And with my upgraded prerequisites, transfer and apply them within the field of horticulture at Old’s Collage. But as you know things can change and as they did for me, I found myself now aiming for Landscaping Architect; to my surprise and delight, a program offered here at NAIT. To help with my own and others who were looking for other students to study together, I started the Pi Club, The Pi Academic Support Study Club.

Everyone has a perspective; meaning they already has a piece of the puzzle. All we have to do is put it together to see the entire picture. I think is certainly true, as well, to learning new topics.

No matter for our reason for being here, we are all students. And even a little bit of help or improvement can go a long way in our student life.

Vending machines, supplied with erasers, pencils, engineering paper and the like; for those last minute assignments and the stores are already closed.

These and other changes would help improve our student life on campus. As such, in the position of VP Student Services, exploration of such possibilities would just be part of my duties to you, the student.

You can vote online (a button will pop up in your NAIT portal) and at voting booths around campus. Starting February 8, @ 12:00 AM and Ending at February 14, @ 4:00 PM.

Thank you!