Executive Council Candidate

Alexis Flinkert

EC Candidate for VP Student Services

Hello! My name is Alexis Flinkert and I am running to be your next Vice President Student Services of the NAIT Student Association. After High School, I spent a couple of years unsure what my future held until I found myself here at NAIT feeling excited about my future. As an older student, I found myself struggling to find my tribe here on campus before taking the leap and applying to be an Event Coordinator with the Campus Activities Board (C.A.B). Joining this tribe was exactly what I needed to make sure my time here on campus counted. I plan on leaving NAIT with more than just book smarts but memories that I will cherish for years to come after graduation. This position has already graced me with experiences that are immeasurable but have also exposed me to everything I would have missed had I not taken that leap out of my comfort zone.The knowledge has motivated me to run for VP Student Services as I want to show students on campus all the amazing opportunities there are to be a part of.

If I get elected, my priority is to make your time here on campus memorable for you to look back on your years here and smile; to educate you on everything NAITSA offers and motivate you to go out of your comfort zone and find your tribe here. Our team works to craft experiences and opportunities for you to meet new people and expand your skill set – from social events such as dirty bingo, de-stressing events such as inflatables, and educational classes such as learning calligraphy or how-to classes.

As a student association, it is important for us to cover and concern ourselves with what types of things that would be important to you as students. At NAITSA, they focus on fun such as clubs and events but also providing benefits – a food center, temporary financial aid, and have implemented many mental health support systems. Most importantly, free food! It is my goal to ensure we offer something for every student on campus. Nothing would make me happier than to lead the team that creates, executes, and improves the services that are offered by NAITSA.

I am excited to meet all of you while campaigning around campus and really listen to what would make your time here more memorable, more exciting and more experiential. If I don’t have the chance to meet you, feel free to send me an email at lexflinkert@gmail.com detailing what would increase your experience here at NAIT.

Vote for Me and award me the honour of making your time here on campus the best it can be.

– Alexis Flinkert