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By-Election Candidate Josh Luartes

“Don’t find fault. Find a remedy.” -Henry Ford has proven time and time again that sometimes things go downright the contrasting direction and the perfect solution is not to dwell upon those mistakes but to find ways to fix them. 

I am JOSH LUARTES and to you I present realistic solutions to our real problems. My fellow NAIT students, we know that the past few months have been a little bit challenging and strange, from the COVID-19 situation to adjusting our lifestyles in a full-time online learning. As always, everyone’s health and safety is a top priority. I do hope this message finds you well and I implore the situation gets better.


This coming Executive Council by-election, I humbly ask for your votes as I run for PRESIDENT of our student association. NAIT has been and will always be my home, with that in mind, I aim to exert my earnest effort to represent you in all ways possible and advocate for your best interests.


As your president, I will charge myself with the duty to stand up and contribute to the improvement of your welfare. I am stepping forward with my platforms, and with your help, we can make our school life meaningful and progressive. Today, I present to you my agendas through questions in mind and solutions I confidently believe in:


  1. Is your source of income not enough to pay school fees?
    • We will make Scholarships and Grants more accessible to students! In partnership with the student services, NAITSA will initiate events and create a platform for students to have easy access to financial services generally, e.g. government scholarships, industry-related scholarships, etc.
  2. Are you experiencing unending stress from school, work, and the effects of the COVID-19 situation?
    • We will continue to Enhance our Mental Health programs! More services will be available for students that promote positive self-esteem and events that boost school spirit. Info booths and online platforms that promote the mental health of students will be available regularly.
  3. Are you sacrificing meals and trips home just to pay for expensive textbooks?
    • We will advocate for Affordable Alternatives to Textbooks! This is in the form of Open Educational Resources.
  4. Are you having a hard time hitting the mark on your exams?
    • We will craft a New and Improved Supplemental Learning Services! -FREE for students! Before term exams, some students utilize the supplemental learning service at NAIT but is not enough for the growing demand. With the SLS+, tutoring services are added for those who prefer the student to student mentoring; group study events will be held on campus; and the upgrading of the Study-Buddy event.
  5. Have an unclear path to make career choices after graduation?
    • We will develop the Expanded Career Services for students! Industries should be well represented at career fairs both campus-wide and in different programs.

Once again, I’m JOSH LUARTES, and I appeal to be your unwavering voice.