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Yonus Shaik


Yonus Shaik: Your Voice for a Better NAIT Experience

Hello my fellow NAIT Students,

I’m Yonus Shaik, a 4th Year Business Student at NAIT, and I’m thrilled to be running for NAIT Student Association President.

Over the past four years, I’ve been actively involved in clubs like Enactus NAIT and others allowing me to connect with many of you through Hosting Events like Case competitions, Projects, and various campus events.

Throughout my journey at NAIT, one thing has remained constant: my dedication to Listening to students and advocating for solutions to the challenges they face.

I firmly believe in the power of communication and understanding, and I am committed to Being accessible and approachable to all students at any time!

As your potential NAITSA President, my mission is clear:

To enhance student life in every way realistically possible.

While I won’t make grandiose promises like lowering tuition, I pledge to focus on tangible improvements that directly impact your experience at NAIT. Here’s what I aim to achieve:

  • Advocating for better study spaces
  • Securing access to resources such as Grammarly & Others
  • Providing additional support services Academically & for Mental Health
  • Organizing MORE engaging and inclusive student events at NAIT
  • Advocating for More resources and funding for clubs at NAIT to Grow!

I want you to know that I’m always available to talk. Feel free to email me at yonus.shake@gmail.com

Your vote is crucial in bringing about positive change at NAIT, and I’m relying on your support to make it happen.

Please cast your vote for me this week, from the 14th to the 18th, on Naitsa.simplyvoting.com.

Thank you for considering me as your candidate. Together, let’s make NAIT an even better place for all students.