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Tyleen Saison


Hello folks!

My name is Tyleen Saison, and I am running for NAITSA President this year!

Currently, I have the honour of being Acting President and VP Internal at NAITSA as a part of the 2022/23 EC team. Over this past year, I have learned much and found a passion in our work on Executive Council. I would love to serve this wonderful community for another year, bringing my knowledge, passion and excitement into the new term.

I am currently a Visual Communications student in the DMIT program. Over the time I have been at NAIT, I have learned so much in and outside the classroom, met new people, and had fulfilling experiences. Outside of NAIT, I have had the opportunity to lead conferences, make keynote speeches, receive awards for my work, and volunteer extensively in my community for years. This work primarily related to students and mental health. I strive to find ways to give back to my community in meaningful ways, and the Executive Council has been a great way to bring my knowledge to the table and give you, the student, a voice.

I have had the opportunity to work at NAITSA over the past four years, three of those being on the Campus Activities Board team, both as Club Coordinator and Digital Media Coordinator. This experience has given me a well-rounded perspective of what is needed on campus by connecting with students and working within NAITSA. As VP Finance in the Womxn of DMIT Club, I have connected with peers and heard about school experiences from many different points of view. I hope to bring more of these experiences and knowledge into the upcoming term to better advocate for student needs.

I aim to ensure that students have a fulfilling and memorable experience. Now having classes back on campus, blended and online, every student will have a different path through NAIT. With strong student representation, we can help to make that path easier.

If I am elected, I plan to advocate for the following:

o Affordable and predictable tuition

o Up-to-date and reliable technology on campus

o Continued and improved mental health supports for students

And most importantly, advocating for the best interest of our community, you as a student, and your voice.

I would love to hear from you! If you have any concerns or thoughts on how I can best advocate for you, please email me at TyleenSaison@gmail.com.

Allow me to serve this wonderful community for another year, advocating for you and your student rights and needs at NAIT! Vote for Tyleen for NAITSA President!