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Nadin Said


Hello Everyone!

I am Nadin Said, your NAITSA Presidential Nominee for this by-election!

You might remember me from the last election, walking around with my pink notebook. Today, I stand before you not just as a candidate, but as a resilient peer who has learned the value of listening, engaging, and acting on our shared concerns. I’m here, ready to take those steps with you as your next President.

During the last election, many of you shared your ideas and concerns with me. I’ve compiled these into a living document that represents our collective voice. From ideas like hot water stations and more study spaces, to halal food options, and pushing for 24-hour library access during finals—your needs have built an advocacy plan to bring us tangible improvements on campus.

In my role as Service Hub Assistant at NAITSA, VP of Operations for the DMIT Club, and as an entrepreneur, I’ve honed essential leadership skills like public speaking, negotiation, and problem resolution. These skills have prepared me to navigate the complexities of student governance effectively.

Here are my commitments to you:

  • Transparency and accessibility to information about changes in academic fees.
  • Improving the quality and reach of our student services, making our campus more inclusive and accommodating for domestic and international students.
  • Fortifying our ties with industry leaders to ensure that the opportunities we provide are not just numerous but also meaningful.

I focus on what’s achievable, ensuring that our plans do not compromise the essentials of our educational experience. Practical improvements, like increasing the number of microwaves and enhancing campus security, reflect my dedication to both the significant and the everyday aspects of student welfare.

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: this isn’t just about me, it is about creating a better environment for all of us to grow and develop into our careers. Our school is our community, and I am devoted to making it a place where each of us can thrive.

Vote Nadin Said for President—let’s build on our past conversations and take concrete steps towards a supportive, resilient community. Together, we can turn the pages of my pink book into real, positive change for all.