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Jody Gylander


Hi, I am Jody Gylander and I am seeking re-election as VP External.

Why do I want to continue to be your VP External representative on the NAITSA executive council?

Representing my fellow students as our VP external has been one of the proudest and most fulfilling roles in my professional career. My experience as VP External and the relationships that I have formed over the past year makes me the right candidate to continue serving our student body.

My first term as Vice President External was filled with incredible moments, many of which were from hosting events around campus and meeting and engaging with my fellow students. I am fortunate to serve as a board member for our provincial student advocacy organization, Alberta Students’ Executive Council (ASEC). This position allows me to further represent our student body by influencing provincial advocacy efforts. Additionally, I have met with many elected officials, both locally and federally, to advance our student advocacy goals.

I am continuously impressed by NAITSA’s high standard of service and dedication to students and I am grateful to be part of this organization. I believe wholeheartedly in our mission; to not only enhance the student experience, but also to advocate for student rights, be the students’ voice, and provide student-driven services.

As a past apprenticeship graduate and current student, I know first-hand the real-life challenges that come with pursuing post-secondary education. As your peer and current VP External, I hear countless stories from classmates detailing the struggles of attending school and balancing everyday life. Life continues to get increasingly more expensive and we must fight to keep every dollar we can in our pockets. Student governance is an amazing opportunity to advocate for these issues that affect each and every one of us.

As your VP External, I will continue to advocate for:

– Affordable and transparent tuition

– An increase in financial aid programs and dollars

– Expanding both online and campus resources for students

– Providing greater access to mental health services both on campus and remote

– Boosting health and dental benefits

As your VP External, I will continue bringing your voice directly to NAIT, elected representatives in our local municipalities, our Legislature, and Parliament in Ottawa. Whether you are an apprentice working towards a Journeyman Certificate, a high school graduate exploring post-secondary for the first time, a mature student looking to re-train or anything in between, I am excited to listen to you and advocate for your needs.