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Jody Gylander

Candidate for VP External

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Hello everyone, my name is Jody Gylander, and I am your candidate for VP External.

About me and my experience

I feel that NAIT is a school for all people and their various life stages, especially those in the working and middle classes. I am a past graduate of NAIT’s electrical apprenticeship program, and that experience left a lasting and positive impact on me and my career. It truly solidified my love for this school. The training that I received at NAIT provided the tools and resources to grow professionally in my field, find financial success, and build meaningful relationships with my peers. I firmly believe that NAIT offers one of the best post-secondary opportunities to find success in the workforce, and that is why I am a student here once again, now in Business Management.

As a past graduate and current student, I know first-hand the real-life challenges that come with pursuing post-secondary education. The first two years of trade school were especially financially demanding, and the subsequent years brought their own set of personal and financial struggles. This year, I decided to leave an established career and the stability that comes with it. A decision to return to NAIT as a mature student is familiar to many of my peers. The challenges that I and others faced as young apprentices are not too dissimilar to those I and others face today, and some are even greater.

Why I want to be your VP External representative on the NAITSA Executive Council

NAIT is an institution that represents inclusivity, diversity, and above all, it represents opportunity. My education, career, and life experiences have taught me that the best opportunities are those that have the greatest chance to effect positive change. Serving on the NAITSA Executive Council is one of those opportunities. I view the position of VP External not as a role but as a function and a voice for advocacy and change for all NAIT students. It is an opportunity to advocate for the same issues that affect all of us.

As your VP External, I will advocate for:

– Affordable and transparent tuition

– An Increase in financial aid programs and dollars

– Additional online resources for students

– Greater access to mental health services on campus and off

– Enhanced health and dental benefits

I am here for you

Most importantly, the VP External serves as an opportunity to listen to all of you. As your VP External, I would bring your voice directly to NAIT, elected representatives in our local municipalities, MLAs in our Legislature, and Members of Parliament in Ottawa. Whether you are an apprentice working towards a Journeyman Certificate, a high school graduate exploring post-secondary for the first time, a mature student looking to re-train, or anything in between, I am excited to listen to you. As your VP External, I want to understand your experiences and advocate for your needs.

Thank you and please vote Jody Gylander as your VP External.