Jerilyn Kotelniski

Candidate for president

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Hello, I’m Jerilyn Kotelniski and I’m running for re-election for President. Let me tell you why!

I Have Experience & Education

You’ve probably seen me around campus handing out free hot chocolate and inviting you to NAITSA events! I’ve been lucky to be a part of the Campus Activities Board (CAB) team as a Promotions Coordinator helping promote more than 130 events. Through this amazing experience, I’ve been able to connect with students from all over campus and hear what they really want from NAITSA.

Since 2015, I’ve been taking classes at NAIT from my Conflict Resolution & Negotiation continuing ed certificate to my Human Resources (HR) diploma. Last year, I fulfilled my goal of a Public Relations diploma at MacEwan University and had the opportunity to intern at the Alberta Hate Crimes Committee. However, I was excited to return to NAIT to complete my business degree. Currently, I’m taking business classes and am passionate about student leadership while creating a positive learning environment.

I Have A Plan

I will use skills that I mastered throughout my HR diploma to represent students by using people first focused tactics. Public Relations has helped me sharpen my communications skills so you can be assured our goals will be heard. With this expertise, I’d be honoured to advocate to stakeholders on your behalf.

As President, I am a student advocate which means that I am here to represent your needs—real student needs. My focus will be on collaboration, open communication, and empathy.

If I were re-elected President, I would advocate for:

  • Affordable and predictable tuition for ALL students
  • Continued mental health supports for students (Peer support, MyWellness, etc.)
  • More supports for international students

With your support, we can hold NAIT accountable for how they set tuition rates and how they choose educational resources as no one wants to be textbook broke. Plus, I know how exhausting being a student can be and that having accessible mental health supports, such as Peer Support, and international student supports can help you through tough times.  

I Care About Your Voice

I want to hear about your student experience and how we can make it better whether you are in the trades, health sciences, business, or another program. I believe that your student voice is the key to NAITSA’s success, so please reach out in the hallway to say hi and ask questions!

If we don’t get a chance to meet, please feel free to e-mail me at with your concern and how I can best advocate for you.

I would be honoured to work for you to create meaningful change.

Thank you very much!

Please re-elect JERILYN KOTELNISKI for your President!