Executive Council Candidate

Willow Shelley

EC Candidate for President

Hello friends (and soon to be friends)!

My name is Willow and I absolutely love NAIT. I am in my last year of my BBA and know first hand the pain and struggle of being a student while juggling the rest of life. But, I also know what makes it awesome.

Being a successful student and keeping your sanity takes balance and lots of support. This year, as your Vice President Student Services, I have worked around the clock to make your NAIT experience more enjoyable and supportive. I was successful because I had a strong leader to support me in my goals and to keep the team on track. I have much gratitude for our President, Naomi Pela, for guiding our executive team. The leadership lessons I have learned from her I applied to the following teams, projects and relationships I fostered this year:

CAB & Events Team
Back in May I set the direction and vision for this year: to increase student engagement, save money and have more events.
• I made Nest Fest free this year and increased turnout from 300 to over 3000 students.
• By reviewing the events budget, NAITSA saved over $35 000 on Nest Fest alone, enabling an additional 10 events throughout the year.

Peer Support
In the Student Survey, you said that one of your top priorities was to have Peer Counselling.
• With the support of staff, I developed and launched NAIT’s first Peer Support Program.
• Now a self-sustaining department, it’s provided self care support and encouragement to over 500 students since November.
• This peer to peer service is confidential and cozy. Check it out yourself in J209B.

NAIT/NAITSA Collaboration
By fostering a strong relationship with NAIT leadership, I have positioned NAITSA to effectively collaborate.
• Through negotiations with NAIT, I have secured over $80,000 in grant funding for 2018/2019 and a two-year contract for space on campus for Peer Support.

This year has been incredibly rewarding and fruitful for us all. Now, you are voting in three new Vice Presidents. They will also be passionate about their goals and will want to make NAIT a better place for you. The new team will need to have a leader who knows how tough these positions are, one who can navigate the pitfalls and side-step them. One who will know how to support a team to realize their individual and collective potential. With my combined knowledge of the NAITSA, NAIT and Organizational Development I will guide and support the new Executive Team you vote for.

President Pela has also started a new Strategic Plan. This is essential for our associations long-term success. As President, I will complete this project and find ways to leverage NAITSA’s incredible staff talent to generate alternative sources of income and more student opportunities.

Thank you for your support last year in voting me in to represent you. I would be honored to do it again as your President.

Tell me how I can better support you and your NAIT experience: willowshelley.nait@gmail.com.