Vivi Nguyen


HELLO! My name is Vivi Nguyen and I had the honour to represent YOU, the diverse students of Information Technology & Electronics as your Senator last year. I persevered and I am back, better than ever in my second-year of Computer Engineering Technology to ask you for your vote again. With my Senate experience and your support, I will continue to represent you with integrity, accountability, and professionalism. My top priority is to ensure that all of OUR VOICES are heard and that OUR MONEY is well spent and in OUR BEST INTEREST.

Currently, I am an IT intern at Environment and Climate Change Canada, President of Badminton Club, Merchandise Manager for Animethon, and Technical Mentor for Canada Learning Code. In my past “career life”, I was an X-Ray/CT Technologist for five years until I found my true calling with computers. From these various experiences, I developed my prioritization and problem-solving skills, along with my ability to work effectively in team settings. I am not afraid of change and I welcome all challenges, especially the challenges of being YOUR REPRESENTATIVE.

I am always open to chatting and hearing from you, so come say hi! VOTE YES for VIVI!

Thank you!