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Candidate for Senate – Kong Cheong

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Hello, my name is Kong Cheong. I am currently a 3rd year student in the Respiratory Therapy program. I am also the VP Finance of the Respiratory Therapy club.

Although we are currently in a pandemic, my goal as a Senate is to represent every NAIT student. I will be your voice and will bring up any concerns you may have to the student board, addressing them and advocating for change. With my VP Finance background, I will be valuable asset in the decision-making process on how NAITSA should spend their annual budget (your NAITSA fees).

A great learning experience at NAIT is very important to me, and so is for you. Do you want more quiet study spaces at CAT? I got you. Do you want a safer environment while staying back late at NAIT or better security watching over your lockers? I got this. Vote for me and we can make this happen.