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Candidate for Senate – Kaedee Torrino

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“Future equals space and time.”

But my genuine soul discerns that we need to:

“Remember? It’s us the future!”

 It is our thoughts; it is our intentions; it is our choices; it is our actions that would shape our future. And there is power when we do it together by starting within.  Start within and then share the goodness and wisdom on how important it is to take good care of our thoughts, intentions, choices and actions.

“Make friends and leave an impact to them.”

Those are the earliest words that I encountered during my 3rd grade school year and that was when I was 8 years old. I am grateful to hear those words at an early age as this became a seed in my soul to “Make friends and leave an impact to them.” Why? Because I journey with it and I am taking this step to serve students with the same intentions. This wisdom installed a very brilliant discernment for me to help people and help some more people by being on the Senate at NAITSA.

The future is so bright.

The light in the world can see the future within us.

Remember? It’s Us the future!