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Candidate for Senate – Elise Holden

Zone 4

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I am Elise Holden and I want to be re-elected to NAITSA Senate to continue to be the voice for NAIT Students!

The fees we give in NAITSA each year should be spent in a way that reflects the priorities of its students. I am a huge believer in mental health services and the well-being of students. I want to be your approachable Senate Representative; please come to me with your questions, thoughts, concerns, feedback, etc. I can be your connection to NAITSA! Even if you need a friendly face to talk to, I am here!

I returned to NAIT a year ago to finish my BBA seven years after getting my Business Administration Diploma. I am also currently the NAIT student Board of Governor’s representative. My past and current student experience, as well as real hands-on business experiences, continues to give me a unique perspective for the role of the NAITSA Senator. I am friendly, passionate, and determined to keep NAITSA accountable for current and future students.

My email is for any questions/comments.

Make sure your voice is heard; vote for me, Elise Holden, for one of zone 4 senate positions!