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Candidate for Senate – Eba Chikuni

Zone 4

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Hi, Northern Alberta Institute of Technology Ookpiks.

My name is Eba Chikuni. I’m 18years old. I am campaigning for the election for the NAITSA Senate elections for the 2020-2021 school year. I may not be the most well-known person running, but l promise to be a responsible governing body of the NAIT Student Association.

If elected, the duties that come with the role will be the main priority. As they help form the NAITSA Executive Council and ensure that they make effective decisions. I am confident, based on my experience as Vice President of Communications at Holy Trinity Catholic High School, I will make a wonderful Senate for Zone 4.

I am a hard-working student enrolled in the Bachelor of Business Administration Concentration in Marketing and intending to become a Digital Marketer. Being elected as a Senate will allow me to work to improve good accountability.

I work hard to get things done, particularly if it involves making a difference. I believe in empowering each other to bring about change and to help our Executive Council make good decisions for the students at NAIT.

Don’t forget to vote for me online on October 8-14, 2020.