Senate Election Candidate


Vivi Nguyen

HELLO! My name is Vivi Nguyen and I am a first-year student in Computer Engineering Technology. I am confident that I can represent the diverse students of Information Technology & Electronics with integrity, accountability, and professionalism. I would ensure that all of OUR VOICES are heard, and that OUR MONEY is well spent and in OUR BEST INTEREST.

Currently, I am the VP Operations of the Badminton and Ping Pong Club. I volunteered for three years as an Awareness Ambassador for the Canadian Mental Health Association, and as an Administrative Assistant for the Heart & Stroke Foundation. In my past “career life”, I was an X-Ray/CT Technologist for five years until I found my true calling with computers. From these various experiences, I developed my prioritization and problem-solving skills, along with my ability to work effectively in team settings. I am not afraid of change and I welcome all challenges, especially the challenges of being YOUR REPRESENTATIVE.

I am always open to chatting and hearing from you, so come say hi! And VOTE YES for VIVI!

TL;DR – Overly ambitious, under-represented female in the technology industry who wants to be your Information Technology & Electronics Senator with your votes! Thank you!