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Suhail Singh

Zone 4

Hello Everyone! This is Suhail Singh, enrolled in the second year of Business Administration—Accounting. As a student at NAIT, I have volunteered on campus for more than 80 hours at various events with different departments, including NAIT International, Well-being, and Student Orientation. Currently, I’m a peer recruitment assistant at NAIT and event officer with the Accounting Club at NAIT.

Now the question is, why Suhail?

Since my first semester at NAIT, I have been involving myself in various activities/events happening at NAIT, where I engage with domestic as well as international students from various cultures and communities. Being an international student myself and having knowledge of different backgrounds, I will fairly represent NAIT students in good governance and communication and appoint ad-hoc and/or standing committees to investigate any matters or problems that may arise concerning the student body.

As an accounting student, I will use my knowledge to ensure that all NAITSA budgets and all unbudgeted financial commitments and expenditures are approved fairly and in the best interest of students.

Lastly, having the ability to handle the responsibilities and power coming with the position, I would request you to Vote SUHAIL and make the right decision.


Suhail Singh