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Karan Singh

Zone 4

Who I am?

My name is Karan Singh. I am a student pursuing finance under business administration. I am someone who wants to know more about the world. This curiosity leads me to always be open to new experiences and ideas. I feel the role of a Senator is one where I can express your concerns. Also, it is a role where I represent your right to ask questions. This is why I am standing for this role. It allows me an opportunity to interact with all of you students who have made NAIT a second home for us all.

What I promise?

I promise myself to you. I am present most days of the week at campus. Just say ‘Hi’, and I will be most happy to hear you out. You can also contact me on email .

Personal Thanks

A vote is not just a vote. It is your right, your power, your voice. So, I ask you to make it count. I would like to take this moment to thank your patience and interest in me. I know not who you will vote but I am proud of you and our campus community