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Isaiah Thomas

Zone 4

Dear Fellow Students,

My name is Isaiah Thomas, and I am excited to announce my candidacy for Student Senate. As a first-year business student, I have come to understand the importance of a representative who genuinely cares about your concerns.

My vision for the Senate: Advocacy, Engagement, and Innovation.

Advocacy: I will actively listen and fight for the changes you want, be it better facilities, improved services, and eco-friendly policies.

Engagement: I will create opportunities for your voice to matter, making sure your ideas count in decision-making.

Innovation: Let’s make our campus a hub of innovation, embracing technology like AI, and promoting excellence, diversity, and inclusivity.

Your vote is not just for me; it is for the change we can create together. Let’s empower our student community and boost our campus. Advocate, engage, innovate- your voice shapes our future. Together, we will make a difference.