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Feleica Eveleigh

Zone 4

My name is Feleica Eveleigh (she/her), just remember ‘Bye Felicia’, and I’m a neurodivergent 2nd year BBA accounting student. I’m also the Officer of Operations for ACON, and I just recently joined Enactus and a few other clubs.

Previously I spent ten or so years as an Electrician as well as in other industries (retail, laboring, cleaning, fast food, babysitting, temp agencies). I came back to school with a dream to become a CPA. Since attending NAIT I’ve found that there are many opportunities to grow as an individual and help my community. Building a better community where everyone feels safe, heard, and supported has now become just as important to me as my CPA.

My personality type is INFJ (the Advocate). I have at all stages of my life, had a passion for standing up for others and what I felt was ‘Right’. I encourage inclusivity, compassion, understanding, and openness. I believe that it’s only as a collective that can we truly make the greatest difference. I’ve spent the last three terms getting to know my peers, teachers, staff, and industry individuals. This has allowed me to gain valuable insights and meaningful connections.

Feel free to come say hi!!