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Danielle Libunao

Zone 4

Hello everyone! I’m Danielle Libunao and I’m excited to be running for the Senate this term! I’m currently a third-year BBA student with a concentration in Human Resources. During my time at NAIT, I’ve discovered that I’m a true people person, and this quality is one of the aspects I value most about HR.

Our years as students at NAIT are moments we’ll always cherish and remember. I strongly believe that every student should have a voice in shaping the events and memories that will become an integral part of our lives. As a Senate candidate, I’m committed to ensuring that every student’s voice is not only heard but valued. Whether it’s your creative ideas or addressing serious issues, I will make sure they are brought to the attention of our executive council.

Being in HR has honed my ‘people person’ instinct, making me approachable and prepared to effectively represent your interests. I am ready to be the embodiment of NAIT students, so let’s collaborate to make this term unforgettable for all of us. If you have any exciting ideas or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out and let’s ensure that this term becomes a memorable one for everyone!