Senate Election Candidate


Djanvi Kouassi

Dear Friends

First, let me reinforce my firm believe in the fact that great results can be achieved only when forces are joined together.

I am particularly determined to go the extra mile to ensure you a meaningful and pleasant experience at NAIT. one of the main goal of all student is to successfully graduate from a chosen program at NAIT. Therefore, let’s work together, assist each other and take care for one another while we are working toward that goal. No one should be let down. Determination, hard work, honesty and reliability are what I have to offer to bring that goal into fruition for all of us.

As senator of the building and construction program group, I will fairly represent you and do my best to provides solutions to any issues which may be your concern.
Alright less talk more actions Now!!

Vote for Djanvi Kouassi on 11-16 October by logging into your NAIT student portal

I look forward to work with you guys.

It’s going to be a great year!!

See you around

Djanvi Kouassi Mechanical engineering program