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As a fellow student at NAIT, I know how difficult this past year has been and continues to be. To my fellow classmates! My name is Raymond Leshan Masikonte, or just Leshan. I am a third-year international student majoring in Finance and part of the co-op stream in the BBA program. I have a huge drive to see others succeed and I am more than willing to assist all my fellow students in doing just that. Having struggled as a student in a foreign country with no family, I understand not only the plight, but also the importance of mental health. It is my mission to listen and become your sounding board.

I currently serve as the VP communication of the accounting club of NAIT (ACON), VP Finance of the Business Analysts club of NAIT and NAITSA student representative in the Academic Council. I would love to work alongside the Executive Council to ensure the creation of spaces that will help improve our mental wellbeing and address the issues of international students as well as students in work integrated learning (WIL) programs. If you will, allow me to represent you. Vote Leshan for senator.