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My name is Fraser Sockett and running for Naitsa Senate. A little about me, I did go to Nait 15 years ago for Baking, achieving my Baker’s certificate and then Culinary Arts. I dropped out of Culinary Arts after a death in my family between the final two semesters, which deeply affected my mental health. Since then, I’ve worked in kitchens all over Edmonton. In the first year of the pandemic, it made me think about my life and if I wanted to stay in kitchens. The answer was no, which led me to going back to Nait, this time for accounting.

I’m a mature student, but my life experience will help me with Naitsa Senate, I’ve been Treasurer of my condo board for the past 4 years and will relay on that experience to assist me. I will ask the tough questions to keep the executive board accountable regarding budget. If the executive board is honest about their spending, I will only be an annoying fly to them. If they’re not, I will be the budget bear following them in the fiscal forest, letting out a growl when I think they are veering off the path of financial responsibility.