Derek Ip

Zone 4

Hello, my name is Derek! I am currently in the Primary Care Paramedic program and the experience at NAIT has been extremely rewarding so far and nothing less than exceptional. Being a paramedic requires a strong set of characteristics such as compassion, empathy, and leadership. These qualities translate directly into being a strong senate that passionately advocates for the student body. I want to make sure all students feel heard, have the best possible educational experience, and feel included with the decisions that are made at NAIT. I fell in love with being involved on-campus at the previous post-secondary institution I attended and now want to make NAIT another one of my passions. With that being said, I cannot promise free tuition or the handing out of free food on campus but I can promise the facilitation of bringing up concerns to the executive council. I encourage you all to reach out to me with any concerns if I am elected in. If you think I have what it takes, then vote for Derek!