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My name is Baron Paccagnan and I am a candidate for NAITSA Senate representing CAT. I am currently a fourth year Business Administration student with a management focus and have previously earned a business diploma (‘18) and journeyman machinist ticket (‘06) from NAIT.

I’ve spent 11 school years here at NAIT, and as I near the end of my journey I’ve been reflecting on what this school and its people have meant to me. Without question, I can say that many past and current students have helped keep me on track and to be successful in my time here. I am running for Senate, in part, to repay these debts.

We need a student association that is fiscally responsible and forward-thinking. The Senate should provide a sober second thought and provide oversight to our elected student executive. I will use my decades in the corporate world and experience as a union executive to do just that. I will be your eyes on our elected NAITSA official, their employees, and the NAITSA dollars we contribute. I will help to make decisions to benefit students present and future.

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