Senate Election Candidate


Alex Marshall

My name is Alex Marshall, and I would be thrilled to be your Senate representative for the IT and Electronics program group. I believe that student leadership is especially important in our field because IT is constantly evolving, and students can find it challenging to decide which courses to take, or which subjects to study. The DMIT program is particularly complex, with many choices to make for your program stream and course electives. As President of the DMIT Students’ Association, I have helped organize many events that have benefited students, such as company tours, tutorial sessions, coding challenges and seminars with industry professionals. As a Senate representative, I will do everything I can to connect IT and Electronics students to NAIT governance and ensure that we benefit from NAITSA events and activities. At this time, I have two goals: one, to clarify graduation requirements for Digital Media and IT students; and two, to examine and question NAITSA’s budget and expenses. If you have any questions or suggestions for me as your Senate representative, please don’t hesitate to contact me by email:, or in person at the HP Centre. I look forward to hearing from you.