Oreoluwa Dipe


I Oreoluwa Dipe is pleased to be part of the Senate elections and to campaign for the senate position that would be officially launched on Oct. 10 till the 16th. The campaign is a schoolwide effort to share the positive news about NAIT education and Services through advertising, web, social media, traditional media and word-of-mouth with the goal of raising understanding of the value of education in NAIT. The campaign basically puts out more information about the value which we students get while going to NAIT no matter your program, some get lifetime experience. A few of us after graduation go out to be the best in their field. Being an international student in NAIT has given me the opportunity to learn and network with people from different background and experiences.

The campaign relies on the support of NAITSA to fully leverage the financial resources available for the campaign.

“This is not a campaign about what ‘was’ in education at NAIT. It’s a campaign about ‘Today!’” “Great things are happening here at NAIT.
Spread the word!!