Executive Council Candidate

Karen Velasco

EC Candidate for President

Hello fellow students!

My name is Karen Velasco and I’m running for the position of President of the NAIT Students’ Association.
I was previously an OWL, a Peer Mentor and a Campus Ambassador. I am currently your VP External, and I would
like to thank you all for giving me the opportunity to serve you for the past year. It has indeed been a pleasure serving you and working alongside all of you.

It has always been my passion to ensure the welfare of all students. And as your VP External, I am happy to share with you some of the top accomplishments that me and my team have achieved so far:

1. Proper allocation and better spending of the mental health fund (Peer Support, MyWellness)

2. Lesser waiting time by 90 seconds for the crosswalk in 106 Street

3. Improved students’ security and safety by getting approval from the City of the installment of flashing lights in the crosswalk in 118 Ave

4. Advocated for cheaper textbooks thru the launch of the Open Educational Resources Campaign

5. Advocated students’ right by speaking with the MLAs during the Fall Advocacy Week

6. Collaborated in this year’s NAIT Career Fair and achieved a stronger and more formidable relations with NAIT and our external stakeholders

7. Most importantly, created better leaders and a stronger team and community thru various projects and activities

I am confident of the value and impact that these achievements made in all of us. That is why I will ensure continuance of all these and take on bigger and bolder goals as your President:

1. Fall Break – our current VP Academic has been advocating to have our fall break in her two-year term, I would like to continue on this advocacy to NAIT to ensure we have a proper break from our studies.

2. Open Educational Resources – we have started a petition to advocate to the government for cheaper textbooks and other alternative resources we can use instead of having to buy costly textbooks. Our team has engaged leaders within NAIT who are in support of the conversation around OER. I want to continue making progress in this initiative.

3. Collaborative / Quiet Study Spaces – our current President has been engaging with NAIT in adding more furniture to areas and convert existing spaces into more collaborative / quiet study spaces. They are currently on research phase and I would like to take this on and identify actionable items and move this into implementation phase as soon as possible.

With all of these, we will create a better NAIT community.

Thank you very much everyone. I am counting on your votes to make these happen.

I am Karen, with and for all of you.