Elise Holden


I am Elise Holden and I want to be the voice for the Business and Administration programs.

I have recently returned to NAIT 7 years after getting my Business Administration Diploma to finish my BBA. Having past student club and external business experience gives me a unique perspective if I am elected to Senate. I am also friendly, passionate, and determined to keep NAITSA accountable.

I believe that the few million dollars we give in NAITSA fees each year should be spent in a way that reflects the priorities of its students. I want to be your approachable Senate Representative, so please come tell me all your questions, thoughts, concerns, feedback, etc. As I will be your connection to the NAITSA Executive Council. Even if you just need a friendly face to talk to, I am here!
I am also a huge believer in mental health services. Please let me know how NAITSA can better be there for you and I will ensure the executive council hears your feedback.

My email is Holden135@hotmail.com if you have any questions/comments. Make sure your voice is heard and vote for me, Elise Holden, for one of the Business and Administration senate positions!