Patrick Cunningham

EC Candidate for VP Academic

Hello fellow NAIT students,

My name is Patrick Cunningham and I am running to be elected as your Vice President Academic for the upcoming year.

 I am currently in the entrepreneurship stream of the business administration program here at NAIT. I am also a graduate of the baking program, promotions coordinator for the Campus Activities Board, and member of the Ukrainian Students Society and Volunteer Initiative Program. Outside of school, I have a passion for music production, DJing, and for the outdoors.

 We all struggle with our academics at some point in our life; some of us more than others. I have experienced these challenges both personally and through witnessing others struggle with trying to realize their academic goals. I myself have in the past been terminated from a program due to missing payments, I have experienced loved ones suffer from mental illness and be unable to finish a term and not know who to turn to in order to seek assistance and find out what their options are, and friends of mine who are also international students have faced what can seem like a constant fight to maintain their status and standing in order to stay at NAIT to complete their education.

 All of these problems have solutions. But the solutions can be unknown to the students involved. As VP academic, I will make it my mission to ensure that every student facing academic hardship is fully equipped with all the knowledge of NAIT’s policies, procedures, and support systems that they need in order to find their solution. I will advocate for students who need someone to back them up and mediate any disputes, whether their issue is with an instructor, another student, or with NAIT itself. I will help students in need with their academic related situations and I will offer advice and guidance in order to help them solve their grievances.

 If elected as your next VP Academic, I promise to:

  1. Continue Advocating for a longer Fall semester reading week in order to give students more time to recharge, study, return home, and overall make the most of a break from classes.
  2. Maintain the open-door policy of past VP Academics in order to admit any and all students with academic grievances and supporting them with all the knowledge and resources at my disposal in order to help them find solutions for their situations in a confidential manner.
  3. Represent the concerns of students as liaison to the NAIT Academic Council to ensure that your voices are heard.   

We are all here because we strive to become someone greater than who we were previously. That in itself should be rewarded. Students should be rewarded for their efforts towards improvement by being able to get the greatest experience possible during their time at NAIT. I see you making the effort. Allow me to make the same effort for you. Allow me to have your back.

Vote for Patrick to be your VP Academic in the 2020-2021 year.