Josh Luartes

EC Candidate for VP Academic

My name is Josh Luartes and I humbly ask for your votes as I run for VP Academics in the NAITSA Executive Council Election. NAIT has been and will always be my home, with that in mind, I aim to exert my earnest effort in standing by my fellow students and advocating for the rights and privileges we are named to.

With more than seven years of progressive student leadership experience, I charge myself with the responsibility to stand up and contribute to the improvement of your wellbeing as you venture the campus life. I recognize our academic responsibility may be challenging, so I present to you my platforms to help everyone ease the student experience:

  1. Access to Academic Services

    • One-Stop-Shop Academics (OSSA)- an event that showcases the academic services of NAIT and NAITSA to make it more visible and accessible to students in need of specific assistance with the requirements of their program. The One-Stop-Shop Academics (OSSA) is a platform of kiosks of different services for students like those who need the Write-On services, representations from the Office of the Ombudsperson, and many more!
    • Improved supplemental learning services (SL+)- before term exams, some students utilize the supplemental learning service at NAIT but is not enough for the growing demand. With the SL+, tutoring services are added for those who prefer the student to student mentoring; group study events will be held on campus; and the upgrading of the Study-Buddy event.
  1. Advocacy for Mental Health Wellness

    • Enhancement of Mental Health Programs- more complimentary services will be available for students. Activities such as pop-up game booths will be visible around campus. Competitions such as essay and poem writing contests with enticing prizes will be held both for fun and skills-improvement. Information booth that promotes the mental health of students will be available regularly.
    • Go Green!- campus advocacy where mental health should be at the forefront of each student’s priorities. We will campaign for a healthier school lunch menu with a vast selection of ‘green’ and nutritious snacks. We will also advocate for fitness programs to be available for students, as numerous studies demonstrate that these improve the overall wellbeing of students both mentally and emotionally.
  1. Students First Advocacy

    • Make scholarships and grants accessible to students- information is the key to accessibility. In partnership with the student services, NAITSA will initiate events for students to have easy access to financial services generally.
    • Expanded career services to students- industries should be well represented at career fairs both campus-wide and in different programs.
    • Projects that speak ‘students first!’ currently being worked on by the incumbent officers should be carried on and improved if needed. These include infrastructure projects that increase the number of available and conducive study spaces for students.

We are all united in this endeavor to promote student life as we journey hand-in-hand to achieve collective success.

Once again, I am Josh Luartes, and I appeal to be your unwavering voice.