Jobien Panggat

EC Candidate for VP External

Hi! My name is Jobien Panggat. I am a second year NAIT student under the Digital Media and Information Technology program. I am running for the position of Vice President External.

I am currently one of the NAITSA Senators for the Information Technology and Electronics Program who is working under the Finance Sub-Committee. We do ensure that all OUR FUNDS are well spent and in OUR BEST INTEREST. I am also one of the NAIT’s International Peer Mentors. As a Peer Mentor, we provide friendly support to our new students and leading engagement activities to welcome and support student’s transition to Canada. I am an active volunteer, an orientation leader and also a Hip Hop Dance Club Events Coordinator. All of these positions enhanced my knowledge and capacity to think outside the box in giving service to others specifically to all NAIT students.

My passion to serve is driven by my profession from back home as an EDUCATOR. This give me awareness and exposure to the needs of the students especially now that I am one of them. This would be my advantage as I can see the bigger picture of how I can serve my fellow students even more.

As a Vice President External, I will work really hard to advocate the best interest of the students in NAIT. I will be the steward of goodwill in all our external affairs including all media relations. I will serve as the representative and advocate on students’ behalf to various external bodies such as municipal, provincial and federal governments. I will collaborate with government representatives and external stakeholders to advocate on all issues concerning the students like the tuition fees, textbook costs, U-Pass, financial aid and the like.

I will continually serve with TRANSPARENCY, LEADERSHIP and COMMITMENT. I am confident that with these, I can motivate, encourage and inspire my fellow NAIT students in achieving their goals; and help them have the best student experience in NAIT.

With transparency, leadership and commitment, Jobien Panggat is here to serve you!