Anmol Bhardwaj

EC Candidate for VP Student Services

Hello fellow friends!

My name is Anmol Bhardwaj and I am a candidate for Vice President Student Services at NAIT. After my high school diploma, I planned to come to Canada to pursue my higher education. I chose NAIT because it provided hands-on education to the students and joined here in May 2019. I feel proud to be a part of the NAIT community but as an International student, it was not easy initially. I started volunteering with International centre and helping people, making new friends and that was the time I realised that I am happy when I do good for the society and make new friends. It’s been a blessing then and NAIT is a home for me now. I prefer staying here to make more memories with my NAITSA family playing games or just having chat with my friends. I am currently Campus Ambassador at NAIT and also founder and president of Indian Dance and Sports club. The knowledge and the support have made me feel confident to run for these elections and to get more fun opportunities at the campus.

My goal is to make campus life more fun and memorable so one may look back and cherish the moments of campus life. As a NAITSA service representative, my motive will be to cover the concerns that will be important for NAIT students and make it easy for everyone to reach the right person for their concerns. I love volunteering and helping others and believe in giving back in a positive way to the community. My main focus will be:

Academic Support

  • More sitting area for the students
  • Arranging book donation campaign to promote easy education for everyone
  • Fall term break

Fun at campus

  • Focus on organizing more NAITSA events
  • TEDx NAIT talks
  • More social events to connect NAIT students with the outside community.

Students services

  • More microwaves around the campus
  • Meet and Greet with Executives so that students can put their concerns directly.
  • Trying to organise career fair more often in a year

 Mental Health

  • Peer support system
  • More health fairs

I am passionate to create an environment where we can get a better education and also create memories by executing, improving and enhancing the services that are provided by NAITSA.

 I look forward to meeting you all and listen to your concerns and the opportunities you would like to be offered to make your campus life more excited and memorable. Feel free to email me at for any concerns or suggestions to make campus life exciting.

Vote for me and give me the privilege to support you and create a fun life on campus.

-Anmol Bhardwaj