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Alexis Sieben

EC Candidate for VP Student Services

Hello fellow Ooks!

First, THANK YOU for voting me, Alexis, in as your current VP Student Services. Over the past year I have been lucky enough to work with my Executive Team and the NAITSA staff to bring you all the amazing services, events and opportunities on campus, which have led to the most rewarding year of my life. I am looking to you, the students, to RE-ELECT me as your VP Student Services to continue enhancing your student experience at NAIT

I have always had a passion for events – which originally led me to my position on the Campus Activities Board in 2018/19, with a natural transition to VP Student Services in 2019/20. Since taking office, I have realized my passion is more than just events – it’s the overall student experience. The student experience is about being involved, engaged, and finding your people on campus. At NAITSA we embrace everything to create the ultimate student experience; From Clubs, The Nest, student-staff positions, The Food Centre, and endless events such as how to’s, stress-less, e-sports and everything in between.

In my opinion, NAITSA’s services far surpass anything any other Student Association offers. We are considerate of NAIT’s wide diversity in demographics, geographics, and psychographics with the hopes of reaching as many students as possible. Although there is always room for improvement with services and events, I think NAITSA’s biggest obstacle is reaching students and keeping them informed with NAITSA offerings. Over the last year, my team has worked endlessly to change the status quo of an EC’s role, moving from attending endless, fruitless meetings, to consciously putting ourselves in front of students through our ECEE’s (Executive Council Engagement Events). We wanted to get in front of students to ask questions, answer questions, help with events, share opportunities, and collaborate more with NAIT departments. Since New Student Orientation (NSO) in August, our Campus Life department has implemented a better tracking system for our interactions with students. At our events this year, we have interacted with over 5,000 unique individuals on campus. The influx of data we’ve seen with this years tracking has lead to the new goal of creating a seamless, straightforward, and accessible system for students on campus.

My goals if re-elected are:

  1. Centralized Campus Events Calendar: I will continue to collaborate with NAIT departments to create a centralized calendar for all events/activities on campus through a student-experience focused platform.
  2. Study Spaces on Campus: This has been a huge priority for my team, and many of the teams that have preceded us.
  3. Continuity of ECEE’s: I personally think it is important for the students you elected to be available to you as they are your voice and representation on campus. If your EC’s aren’t out asking for your opinion it is impossible for them to understand how they can truly represent you.

RE-ELECT Alexis to represent the student voice and to enhance the student experience for another year at NAIT.