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Executive Council testimonials

Get the inside scoop from former Executive Council members.

Jonathan Bilodeau

President 2013-14 | VP Student Services 2012-13

“For whoever take those roles, it’ll completely redefine their lives. It’ll force them to search inside themselves, dig as deep as they can, and really expose their character for who they are, because that’s what the job is. The job is defining yourself, and defining yourself in service to others.”

Justin Nand

President 2015-16 | VP External 2014-15

“If you want to help students, run for NAITSA Executive Council. They’ll train you, and they’ll make sure that you do the best job you can do for the students. All we need is students that want to help people, and the rest will be taken care of.”

John Perozok

President 2016-17

“I learned how to network, how to work with the government, how to deal with high stress. (…) It was awesome because it wasn’t easy, it was uncomfortable for me. I learned so much about myself. My strengths, my weaknesses, and what I need to work on to be successful in the workplace going forward. It’s something that change my life entirely, and the way I think about everything.”

Gillian Bilodeau

VP Student Services 2014-15

“[Being a NAITSA Executive Council member] It’s like having an entire student population being your boss. There’a a lot of responsibility to make sure you’re fulfilling your promises but also help bring things to the table that maybe they didn’t even know they wanted at the end of the day. It’s an experience that will benefit you throughout your entire career, you’ll take pieces of what you’ve learned and carry that through your entire life.”