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Jaryd Taylor,

EC Candidate for President

Hello, my name is Jaryd Taylor, and somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me, but as NAITSA President I will go further than slowing this process on students; I aim to reverse it. We could all use a little change.

For the past semester I have volunteered as a Senator for the Engineering Technology, Academic Upgrading, and Open Studies group with NAITSA, meaning I have experience with the governance processes here. Being in the Instrumentation Engineering Technology program in Spartan Building for the past two years has taught me how to manage an overwhelming six-course workload, and I believe it has given me a wholly authentic student’s insight. As a Senator I have advocated non-stop for better governance policies within NAITSA, and I have brought a student perspective to NAIT administration on student’s behalf by speaking critically of tuition & in favour of a more student-friendly atmosphere within NAIT.

Historically, NAITSA executive positions have been populated by students in business programs. The last time there was a student that was not in the business program serving on the NAITSA executive was a full 8 years ago! While I have nothing against my predecessors, I think it’s time that students are given the option of a new face, a new set of experiences, and a new perspective in student advocacy.

Elected to this position, I will focus my time on these key issues affecting students:


This next governance cycle at NAITSA is important for many reasons, one prominent being that re-negotiations with the Edmonton Transit Service over U-Pass will open again, an opportunity that only occurs every four years. I steadfastly believe that transit should be a free and open-access system, and that this is a financially feasible goal. As students, it is crucial that we begin to put forward these seemingly ground-breaking solutions that have already been implemented in other parts of the world for decades.


With the current government’s push to drive budget austerity cuts back onto workers, students, and disabled people, it is important now more than ever to push back. As government introduces new policies that pit institutions against each other (competition-based funding for post-secondary education), I promise to instead promote social connections between student bodies. Education used to be entirely restricted to those who could afford the luxury. Slowly, over time, education has socialized to include larger and larger sectors of society through repeated advocacy of many people. What is truly stopping us from socializing all education?

If you believe in my ability to be a NAIT student spokesperson for the 2020/2021 academic year, vote for me on the right side of your student portal Feb. 5-13. You can practically always find me in Spartan (Y) Building or working away in HP. As well, feel free to email questions/suggestions/messages of support to

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