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Travis Luscombe



I am Travis Luscombe, and I am running for President of the NAIT Students Association.


If you asked me why I am running for President, it would be because I believe I am the right person for the job. I care about the students of NAIT first and foremost. I have the experience needed to continue to make meaningful, lasting improvements. I have a vision to continue to help build the foundation for long-term success for both the students and the association. I am optimistic, passionate, and confident in myself and in what can be achieved for the greater good.

My Experience

Currently, I am working as the Vice President Internal, and I am very grateful to have been elected and allowed to work as a representative for NAIT students over the last year. I have learned so much about student governance, leadership, and what it takes to cultivate a community that students want to be part of. The current executive team, the NAITSA staff members and I were able to come together and achieve many notable things this year. Including:

1. Creating more part-time and volunteer opportunities for students.

2. Increasing services such as student study spaces and loanable technology for students.

3. Significantly increasing grant funding for clubs to foster growth and engagement.

4. Advocating for Student Rights to NAIT Executives and government.

5. Coordinating events all over campus throughout the whole year to maximize the student experience.

6. And addressed many student concerns to allow individuals to get the best value out of their education.

My Plan

If you elect me as President I will focus on forward progress and drive success. I will be the voice of the students, fighting for what you want, and I will maintain an unwavering pursuit of the student-first mentality. Some of the things I will advocate for will be:

1. More Affordability for Students – With ever-increasing costs in today’s world I will fight for affordable, predictable, and manageable education costs whether you are an international or domestic student.

2. More Student Services – I will continue to fight for more student spaces, I will advocate for an increase in technology available to students and put it in locations that students can access easily, and I will work to provide more educational supports as well, like Grammarly premium.

3. The Student Voice – I will ensure that I am listening to the students of NAIT and taking their ideas, opinions, and feelings into consideration. Furthermore, I will ensure that the student’s voice shows up at the table. I will make sure students feel heard and that the changes made are reflective of that.

If you have ideas on how I can best advocate for the students, please reach out to me at I will hear what you have to say.

Vote for me, and I will dedicate myself to serving you, the NAIT students, with unwavering commitment and excellence.

Trust in Travis Luscombe for President.