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Suhail Singh


Hi folks!

This is Suhail Singh, your fellow student at NAIT, running for the position of vice president internal this year in the student council. Currently, I’m in my second semester of the Business Administration-Accounting program. In my first semester, I volunteered for more than 30 hours on campus, and I was also a panelist at the kickstart event for international students. Being involved on campus, I understand the difficulties that students face, and I want to do more for the community.

If I’m elected for the position, I promise to hear about the difficulties of students and interact with them on a regular basis so that I’m well aware of what the students want and the issues faced by them. I will not only work on improving the day-to-day campus life by making quiet study spaces and more but also work on many major subjects that students want. Some of these are:

1. More cultural events:

As Canada is well-known for its multi-cultured community, I would love to introduce many more cultural events, where students from all cultures will be invited. It will not only help in learning more about different cultures but also help in making good networks. Once Tupac Shakur said, “We can never go nowhere unless we share with each other.”

2. Advocate on lowering international tuition:

We all are well aware of the difference between domestic and international tuition…I know it’s Huge!!! With such a difference, students many times have to work for longer hours which not only affects their studies but also leaves them with very less time to attend various events on campus, even if it is important, like any networking event or job fair.

3. Advocate for transparent scholarships:

Although there are so many scholarship programs and many students even get those but there are still so many domestic and international students who are in need but still don’t get it. What I’m asked till now is that there should be more scholarships, and the process should be transparent so that the students who don’t get the scholarship are aware of the reason for not getting the scholarship.

These will be a few major subjects that I will be working on, but still, if you need any help or guidance on campus, just connect with me, and we can together find a solution for you. If you want me to be your voice, make the right choice by voting for me on before February 16, 2023, 4 pm. If you ever want to reach out to me, I’m always available on my Instagram (@suhailsingh_), or you can also email me at


Suhail Singh