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Marina Bruno


Hi, I’m Marina Bruno and I am running for VP Academic.

My journey at NAIT started back in 2015 when I got accepting into the Personal Fitness Trainer program. After working in the field, I decided it was time to gather a new skillset, which to me meant coming back to NAIT for my Bachelor of Business Administration, majoring in Human Resources Management. NAIT felt like home, and I was excited to return.

After returning for my studies, I was given the opportunity to work for NAITSA within the service hub as a service hub assistant. This allowed me to gather a better understanding of the needs of students, and what is really important. Fast forward about a year or so and I came across an opportunity to join the peer support team, furthering my understanding of my fellow students.

I have cultivated ways to provide support to fellow students through active listening strategies, provide an environment where students feel safe and at ease, empower students, and make referrals to offer additional supports. It is my belief that this skillset will be extremely beneficial in the role of VP Academic, where confidential non-partisan support, and acting as an advocate by mediating and directing students to resources within the community is required.

I promise to put the best interest of the student body first when making decisions, and advocate on your behalf to the best of my abilities. I am passionate about creating a positive learning environment that leads to the safety and success of all students.

Through my time as a student at NAIT, I have developed my communication, leadership, problem solving, and organizational skills; all of which I will bring to the role of VP Academic.

If elected, I will proudly advocate for:

o Additional private study spaces on campus

o Priority on mental health supports like Peer Support

o Affordable and predictable tuition

o Open Educational Resources: learning and research materials should be accessible for all students

I promise to be a knowledgeable resource for you, navigating issues involving academic rights, regulations, and policies. When working closely with NAIT, I will ensure that your voice is heard; especially when writing policies and procedures.

Everyone has their own NAIT story, and I look forward to hearing yours. I am here to support you and listen to you. Please feel free to email me with questions, comments or concerns at

Thank you for your consideration, your support means a lot to me.

Vote Marina Bruno for VP Academic