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Jenna Williams


My name is Jenna Williams, and I’m attending NAIT for the Business Administration program. I firmly believe in continuing education, as I’ve been a returning student since graduating from NAIT’s Graphic Communications program in 2019.

NAIT brought many opportunities my way, as I have been able to work in the print industry for the past (almost) 4 years, applying what I learned in my previous program to real-life work. As much as I love the industry, I felt it was time to return to school and expand my horizons. Like many continuing students, I was intimidated by the thought of returning to school; still, I have been able to juggle work, school, and life successfully, and I know that if I were elected VP External, I would be able to handle the workload.

Elected as VP External would mean I could advocate for issues regarding transit, tuition, and many more topics that make students wonder if they are being heard. My focus as VP External is to advocate, collaborate, and create a safe public transportation system for NAIT students. Tuition increases each year, but I will do my best to ensure the student body’s voice is prominent and heard during the deliberation. I advocate for mental health, directing many of my efforts toward ADHD, ADD, and learning disabilities that can hinder a student from having a positive post-secondary experience. I’m thankful for being the most voted-for candidate in the 2022 NAITSA Senate election, and I’m even more grateful for the individuals who approached me about how my senate campaign article resonated with them because I openly mentioned the stigmatism surrounding these disabilities.

As a member of the NAITSA Senate, I’ve already learned some of the topics that the VP External role deals with daily. As your new VP External, I will be the voice for the student body in municipal, provincial, and federal affairs. Whether you’re a trades student, media student, science or business, I will hear you, and I will advocate for you.